Cosplay Couture Nathan Drake

From the archives, October 2013

A Cosplay Couture interpretation of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series of games.

Costume and styling by Courtney Coulson
Holster by Jack Barbour
Photography by Luke Milton in collaboration with Sabatomic Photography
Shot in the sand dunes of Lancelin and a rest stop along Indian Ocean Drive

The Uncharted series is my favourite series of games of all time and Drake’s had an influence over my wardrobe ever since. I was wearing daily cosplay couture before it was even a thing.
Drake’s look breaks down to a few essentials, a half tucked henley shirt into some cargo pants, the Sic Parvis Magna ring and the horseshoe belt buckle. Beyond that I had a fair amount of freedom.
I love his shemag (scarf) that he wore in the third game, so that was a must, the aviator shades were more of a neccessity as it gets damn bright out there on that white sand in the middle of the day, I don’t know how Drake does it, oh that’s right, the badass squint! I gave it a go, think he does it better.

Hair was challenging as Nate wears it very short and neat and overall I wanted the styling in this shoot to look casual, not overly done up or intentional. I went for slicked down at the sides and left the top messy, the wind took care of the messy part! Make-up is lots of bronze and gold.

In terms of physicality I had a lot of freedom there too, Drake can be serious or he can be cocky and playful. He’s got a pretty relaxed posture, but very shoulder oriented.
-Courtney Coulson

Two main challenges shooting in the dunes. First is keeping that sense of space and expanse while maintaining a focus on the model – it needs to be about Drake, not the environment, although they have to compliment each other. And secondly the mass of sand and insects that were twirling into the camera. This created a fleet of black spots on all of the images leading to an extensive “Attack of the Clonestamp” scenario. Very happy with the exposure here though, and the lighting owes a lot to Sabatomic’s deft placement of the handheld flash.

The second location was a discovery while stopping to shoot the Eleventh Doctor. It led to a quick change and a stint under a bridge (while trucks roared overhead). Terrifying.

– Luke Milton

Detroit: Become Human Connor Cosplay

Costume and make-up by Connor Coulson

Photography and editing by Marla Bishop

Locations: Perth Esplanade, Perth Library

A little over a year ago Detroit came into my life when things were at their bleakest, my relationship with my family was fractured, I was homeless, staying with a friend, and on top of that I was suffering from debilitating ME/CFS. I was convinced I was going to die soon, I was bed bound, and needed a wheelchair just to get around the house. I basically slept all the time and even watching TV took too much energy on some days. Understandably, I was really bored, so I decided to get back into gaming, I got a PS4 on sale and my brother bought me Detroit and I fell in love with it.

I know, it’s not perfect, but I adore Detroit, it’s a breathtaking world, an ideal world I could escape to. A safe haven. It’s everything I love, sleek cyberpunk aesthetics, androids, a fantastic soundtrack, and a complicated choice based narrative, what more could I want? (Well, a sequel or a DLC for a start!) Connor really resonated with me, there were aspects of his journey I could relate to, and in other ways he is aspirational. It was inevitable that I began imagining how to bring his costume to life, it was structurally fascinating and I would fantasise about how certain details could be constructed. But that’s all it was, a fantasy. I hadn’t been able to sew in months, it was too exhausting. However I am nothing if not tenacious, so whenever I had the slightest amount of strength for it I would research and draw the costume and began sourcing materials.

Normally a project like this would take maybe a couple of months at most, but with ME/CFS it took nearly a year. My health has improved significantly this year thanks to the carnivore diet, so I am glad I was able to work on any creative projects at all. I detail the process of creating the costume here.

This costume and this photoshoot represents a triumph to me, there were times I thought I would have to abandon this project, but I got it complete in time to wear to a comic convention, and I managed to attend the entire weekend and was walking unassisted. The response from fans was great, they admired my work and we shared our love of the game. And getting these photos was not something I could have done a year ago, it involved a fair amount of walking and climbing. It feels great to be cosplaying and modelling again, I’m passionate about them but had to give them up for over a year.

Thanks to Marla for the photos, he is also a Detroit fan so he really understood the character and environment and it was an easy collaboration.