Under the Skin

Photography by Luke Milton Makeup by Kat Winslade This was a shoot that initially arose from the fact that as my hair has been growing out, I noticed a passing resemblance to Scarlett Johansson’s alien femme fatale in Under the Skin. But then I watched the film again and found myself thinking about it a… Continue reading Under the Skin

Cosplay Couture- Herbie the Lovebug

Another entry in my Hollywood cars fashion designs (see KITT and KARR, and Christine), I envisioned Herbie as youthful and cheeky, I took elements from 1960’s fashion as well as race car driver uniforms and accessories.

Galactus Foam Costume

About four years ago I was studying Librarianship and Record Keeping, and for our prac placement we were to create a project for display. I figured I could put my costume making skills to work here and show the students visiting the school library how foam costumes are designed and assembled. It was a big… Continue reading Galactus Foam Costume

Commission- Cassian Andor

This commission included making the shirt and altering the trousers. The shirt was a bit of a challenge because there aren’t a lot of clear reference photos, but I believe I have captured every detail faithfully. The “bib” is an unusual detail and a bit difficult to figure out, especially in regards to integrating it… Continue reading Commission- Cassian Andor

Commission: Traversing History

Project director and photographer: Marla Bishop Make-up artists: Kat Winslade and Camila Cufré Costumes: Connor Coulson Models: Nic Färgglad Erin Delaney Jasper Storm Luciano Spadoni Connor Coulson   This was an unusual project, I was approached by Marla, a photography student who had an ambitious photoshoot that they needed costumes for. The concept was androgynous… Continue reading Commission: Traversing History

Star Trek:TNG Data Redesign

A redesign of the uniforms for Star Trek: The Next Generation I looked at the Abrams films and Discovery and even Alien, as well as modern uniforms and fashion for inspiration. While I like the TNG costumes, they don’t look like official uniforms that would be worn in any context, they look more like superheroes,… Continue reading Star Trek:TNG Data Redesign

Prometheus David8 Cosplay

  Model and costumer: Courtney Coulson (Travian Designs) Photographer: Zachary William ( Make-up: Kat Winslade ( It’s been a long time since I’ve cosplayed, it’s good to be back. This will be the first of many David costumes, I am utterly obsessed with Prometheus and Alien:Covenant. I am so dedicated I even bleached my own… Continue reading Prometheus David8 Cosplay