Kazuhira Miller Cosplay

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Costume by me Photography by Sreeraj Sreenivisan Edits by me Location: Fremantle Harbour and Maritime Museum Nearly four months ago I was nearly killed in a hit-and-run, I have no memory of the incident, nor the week that followed. Since then I’ve had to deal with injuries I… Continue reading Kazuhira Miller Cosplay

Under the Skin

Photography by Luke Milton Makeup by Kat Winslade This was a shoot that initially arose from the fact that as my hair has been growing out, I noticed a passing resemblance to Scarlett Johansson’s alien femme fatale in Under the Skin. But then I watched the film again and found myself thinking about it a… Continue reading Under the Skin

Cosplay Couture- Herbie the Lovebug

Another entry in my Hollywood cars fashion designs (see KITT and KARR, and Christine), I envisioned Herbie as youthful and cheeky, I took elements from 1960’s fashion as well as race car driver uniforms and accessories.

Galactus Foam Costume

About four years ago I was studying Librarianship and Record Keeping, and for our prac placement we were to create a project for display. I figured I could put my costume making skills to work here and show the students visiting the school library how foam costumes are designed and assembled. It was a big… Continue reading Galactus Foam Costume

Commission- Cassian Andor

This commission included making the shirt and altering the trousers. The shirt was a bit of a challenge because there aren’t a lot of clear reference photos, but I believe I have captured every detail faithfully. The “bib” is an unusual detail and a bit difficult to figure out, especially in regards to integrating it… Continue reading Commission- Cassian Andor

Commission: Traversing History

Project director and photographer: Marla Bishop Make-up artists: Kat Winslade and Camila Cufré Costumes: Connor Coulson Models: Nic Färgglad Erin Delaney Jasper Storm Luciano Spadoni Connor Coulson   This was an unusual project, I was approached by Marla, a photography student who had an ambitious photoshoot that they needed costumes for. The concept was androgynous… Continue reading Commission: Traversing History

Star Trek:TNG Data Redesign

A redesign of the uniforms for Star Trek: The Next Generation I looked at the Abrams films and Discovery and even Alien, as well as modern uniforms and fashion for inspiration. While I like the TNG costumes, they don’t look like official uniforms that would be worn in any context, they look more like superheroes,… Continue reading Star Trek:TNG Data Redesign

Prometheus David8 Cosplay

  Model and costumer: Courtney Coulson (Travian Designs) Photographer: Zachary William ( Make-up: Kat Winslade ( It’s been a long time since I’ve cosplayed, it’s good to be back. This will be the first of many David costumes, I am utterly obsessed with Prometheus and Alien:Covenant. I am so dedicated I even bleached my own… Continue reading Prometheus David8 Cosplay