Commission- Cassian Andor

This commission included making the shirt and altering the trousers. The shirt was a bit of a challenge because there aren’t a lot of clear reference photos, but I believe I have captured every detail faithfully.  The “bib” is an unusual detail and a bit difficult to figure out, especially in regards to integrating it into the collar. The fabric was perfect, the right colour and weight, it was a soft cotton linen that wasn’t difficult to work with. Often linen is “shifty”. The trousers needed loop holes and pockets and a slight adjustment to the jodhpur flaps.

Customer: Luke Maras

Photographer: Marek Parker


Commission- Hoods and Tabards

This was an order for six identical hoods and matching tabards for LARP. I was following the customer’s design template. I like working in production line style, it makes me feel more productive. Where as working on one garment at a time feels slower. The beauty of working on relatively simple garments like this is I can pay close attention to the finer details, like the bias trims, and almost every seam is flat felled. I was very aware that these items needed to withstand a bit of stress.

*More detailed photos to come.


Analysing Alien, 40 Years on. The Alien Script by Dan O’Bannon Page 31-50 – Studio Yutani Livestream

My guest spot on the Studio Yutani analysis of the original Dan O’Bannon Alien script.

Alien by Dan O’Bannon Script/Story Pages 31-50

-Disclaimer- Because of missing pages from the script PDF sourced from AvP Galaxy we have pasted the pages from Daily Script for your reference.



Still worried?

Oh well... you know me.

I've always respected your opinion,
Martin. If something worries you, it
worries me.

Roby reaches over and changes the slide, to the one of the CRUDELY

What would you say that was supposed
to mean?

Well... it's obviously intentional...
some kind of attempt at
communication... maybe it's a symbol
that means something to them...

But why draw it on the wall?

Roby switches off the projector, sits up, and rubs his face wearily.
He rises and goes to the coffee machine.

(picking a hair out of the coffeepot)
This ship is full of cat…

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