Poison Ivy

Earlier this year I bought my first car and she quickly became the love of my life, this is Poison Ivy, my 1996 Saab 900 S convertible in willow green.

Photos by Simon Haynes of Helios Photos.

Covenant Minute 23

In which I am joined by Rob of the Great Escape Minute, and we discuss how futuristic technology in science fiction isn’t so futuristic anymore, spooky hidden details, and do Engineers see in sound?

Find Rob at the Great Escape Minute, he’s doing good work over there. I love this movie and he’s finding all sorts of details I never noticed:


Covenant Minute 22

In which I get biblical, and interrogate a few cultural biases in culture and fashion.


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Pixie cut hairstyle origins | History of | Racked [Video]. (2018, January 27). YouTube. https://youtu.be/WPjOU73BZOY

Under the Skin

Photography by Luke Milton

Makeup by Kat Winslade

This was a shoot that initially arose from the fact that as my hair has been growing out, I noticed a passing resemblance to Scarlett Johansson’s alien femme fatale in Under the Skin. But then I watched the film again and found myself thinking about it a lot from a new perspective. The film came out in 2013, I had been a totally different person then, I was still a kid with no worldly experience. In the intervening years I had transitioned to male and then one year ago, I detransitioned back to living as a woman. Under the Skin muses on a lot of ideas, and to me now, I see it as reflective of my exploration of gender, and body, and identity. I accept my body completely for once in my life, but how is it perceived by others? Am I the same person I used to be? Am I different? Or am I just treated differently based on the way I look?

Covenant Minute 20

In which I discuss meteoric cadavers, ponder the place for religion in the future, and learn the term “cybernetic can” from Alan Dean Foster. 


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Arkham City Bane Cosplay- One Day Build

This was a heap of fun to put together, I was on @thebatminute and one of the hosts, Niall asked if I could make a Bane costume for the promo photo. I couldn’t resist the challenge, in less than a week (and with less than $10) I had to throw this all together and get photos. Couldn’t have done it without the help of Alex for lending me parts of the costume, and helping me to build the rest (more details on the build in another post). And thanks to @sabkitten for shooting this in my apartment today with the most cobbled together lighting setup ever.

Bane is a character that’s always meant a lot to me, but I always dismissed the possibility of cosplaying as him, I’m just a tiny little girl, that would be ridiculous. But I’m beefier now than I used to be. I’m really happy with how these photos came out, I didn’t want to go for a cutesy or sexy version, I just wanted to be Bane, roided out, balls to the wall insane. He’ll blow up your plane. He’s coming for Bruce Wayne.