Tori and KARR

Artwork I did for my Knight Rider fanfiction Sins of the Father . It’s traditional line art with digital colours, I’m trying to practice working with Photoshop more.

Cosplay Couture- Herbie the Lovebug

Another entry in my Hollywood cars fashion designs (see KITT and KARR, and Christine), I envisioned Herbie as youthful and cheeky, I took elements from 1960’s fashion as well as race car driver uniforms and accessories.

The Body Electric: Lore and Timothy

Yes, I like to write Star Trek fan fiction,  don’t judge me. The Body Electric is a “what if?” where Timothy from the TNG episode Hero Worship continued on as a cast regular. He is adopted by Data and is manipulated by Lore into becoming a Borg.


Part of my art trade with Phil who has guested on my podcast, I drew him in an original design of mine.


Inspired by a dream I had in which Eleven from Stranger Things met Mewtwo and he revealed that she has psychic powers because she was spliced with Mewtwo’s DNA. It was silly but I kept toying with the idea. So here we have Mewthree? Meweleven? A kind of MK Ultra Pokémon/human hybrid. Mewtwo is apparently… Continue reading Meweleven

The Angel and the Android in the Blinding White City on the Edge of Time

This is a concept that I keep returning to in my dreams. It began when I was listening to Lustmord as I travelled through the city at that time of day when it’s so bright everything seems to shimmer. There’s something beautiful yet haunting about it. Horror doesn’t only happen in the dark. I envisioned… Continue reading The Angel and the Android in the Blinding White City on the Edge of Time

Inktober 2019 Week 1

I probably won’t have the time or energy to draw every day for Inktober, but here are some sketches I’ve drawn so far.

Commission: Traversing History

Project director and photographer: Marla Bishop Make-up artists: Kat Winslade and Camila Cufré Costumes: Connor Coulson Models: Nic Färgglad Erin Delaney Jasper Storm Luciano Spadoni Connor Coulson   This was an unusual project, I was approached by Marla, a photography student who had an ambitious photoshoot that they needed costumes for. The concept was androgynous… Continue reading Commission: Traversing History

Star Trek:TNG Data Redesign

A redesign of the uniforms for Star Trek: The Next Generation I looked at the Abrams films and Discovery and even Alien, as well as modern uniforms and fashion for inspiration. While I like the TNG costumes, they don’t look like official uniforms that would be worn in any context, they look more like superheroes,… Continue reading Star Trek:TNG Data Redesign