Covenant Minute 20

In which I discuss meteoric cadavers, ponder the place for religion in the future, and learn the term “cybernetic can” from Alan Dean Foster. 


If an astronaut died in space, would he decompose? (no bacteria but what about radiation?). (2007, December 11). UCSB Science Line.

Phobos – An alien: Covenant story | official trailer (2017) [Video]. (2017, July 20). YouTube.

Raised by wolves. (2021, January 1). STUDIO YUTANI.

Covenant Minute 18

In which I am joined for the last time, for now, by Duncan Shields and we discuss Ridley Scott’s ego, future relationships with AI, and the importance of format and structure for effective storytelling, maybe the Alien prequels should have been a TV series?

Covenant Minute 14

In which I discuss Oram, Ridley Scott’s cinematography,  and compare this scene between film, book and script.