Cosplay Couture

Cosplay Couture was a photographic series by Courtney Coulson and Luke Milton in an attempt to combine the worlds of fashion and cosplay. Between 2013-2016 we produced a total of 34 shoots which will be archived here. Watch this space.

(There will also be the occasional Cosplay Couture collaborations with other photographers that will be marked as such.)

Cosplay Couture 11th Doctor

From the archives, October 2013: A cosplay couture interpretation of the 11th Doctor                 Costume (shorts) and styling by Courtney Coulson Photography by Luke Milton with Sabatomic Photography      Shot somewhere along Indian Ocean Drive To me 11’s love for Westerns was something I related to the most and also something that was unique to that regeneration.… Continue reading Cosplay Couture 11th Doctor

Cosplay Couture Tenth Doctor

From the archives October 2013: A Cosplay Couture interpretation of the Tenth Doctor Costume (tailored pre-existing suit) and styling by Courtney Coulson    Photography by Luke Milton Shot around a graveyard in Nedlands This was our first exploration into Cosplay Couture, therefore the costume is accurate as I had worn it for a while as a… Continue reading Cosplay Couture Tenth Doctor

Cosplay Couture Sherlock

From the archives, October 2013 A cosplay couture interpretation of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock HolmesCostume (coat and hat) and styling by Courtney CoulsonPhotography by Luke Milton Translating the BBC Sherlock Holmes into a fashion interpretation was surprisingly easy, it’s such a beautiful and iconic costume to begin with. The coat remains relatively unchanged from the original… Continue reading Cosplay Couture Sherlock