Analysing Alien, 40 Years on. The Alien Script by Dan O’Bannon Page 31-50 – Studio Yutani Livestream

My guest spot on the Studio Yutani analysis of the original Dan O’Bannon Alien script.

Alien by Dan O’Bannon Script/Story Pages 31-50

-Disclaimer- Because of missing pages from the script PDF sourced from AvP Galaxy we have pasted the pages from Daily Script for your reference.



Still worried?

Oh well... you know me.

I've always respected your opinion,
Martin. If something worries you, it
worries me.

Roby reaches over and changes the slide, to the one of the CRUDELY

What would you say that was supposed
to mean?

Well... it's obviously intentional...
some kind of attempt at
communication... maybe it's a symbol
that means something to them...

But why draw it on the wall?

Roby switches off the projector, sits up, and rubs his face wearily.
He rises and goes to the coffee machine.

(picking a hair out of the coffeepot)
This ship is full of cat…

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Detroit: Become Human Connor Cosplay Process

I have been obsessed with Detroit: Become Human since before it was released, as a fan of all things robots I followed the project with interest. And of course Connor immediately became my favourite character (Ruthless!Connor all the way). I have been battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on and off for years now and Detroit was released when my health and personal life were at their worst and things only seemed to be on the decline. So this game was one of the few things I could spend my time doing and it was a beautiful world to escape into. But just because I was sick didn’t mean the desire to cosplay died. At the time I didn’t think there was much hope of me ever being able to sit up and sew ever again. But my health has been improving this year and slowly this costume has come together. There will be a separate post for the photo shoot, this post documents my process of construction. Continue reading “Detroit: Become Human Connor Cosplay Process”