Kira Nerys Deep Space Nine Cosplay

Photographer: Simon Haynes

Makeup: Kat Winslade

It’s been a long time, but I have returned to cosplay with a character and costume I never expected to like as much as I do. I guess because I was detransitioning while watching DS9, I gravitated towards Kira as she is such a great female character who shows just how nuanced and multi-faceted a woman can be. Also, man, I loved making those sleeves, so much fun to figure out! The costume was made for less than $100, it’s ribbed stretch fabric and a couch cover, with vinyl for the belt. I found the most perfect boots at an op shop. It came together pretty quickly, I’m finding it easier to sew lately as I seem to be getting over CFS. Hopefully that continues and I can do more cosplay, I feel inspired now.

Probably one of the most challenging shoots, not only was it at night, but we were at a shopping centre and we were unfortunate to be harassed by a security guard who made us delete the photos. Thankfully Simon was able to recover them! I think we got some great shots despite all of that.

Covenant Minute 09

In which I talk about babies, generation starships, and neutrinos.


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