Quorra- Tron Legacy Costume

322962_10150385200745028_367955128_o_10150385200745028Here’s another one from the archives, a commission from 2010 to be worn to see Tron Legacy. It did have lights, sadly this is the only photo I still have. Looking back, it’s better than I remembered it, I could do so much better now though. Maybe I will make my own Tron costume one day. Wouldn’t mind being Beck.

This was constructed out of foam, covered in a sheet of latex, the light strips were vinyl.

Galactus Foam Costume

About four years ago I was studying Librarianship and Record Keeping, and for our prac placement we were to create a project for display. I figured I could put my costume making skills to work here and show the students visiting the school library how foam costumes are designed and assembled. It was a big success, the kids really liked me and spent as much time helping me with this project as they were allowed. They even made a petition to bring me on as a full time staff member. I would have loved that but sadly they hired someone else for the opening they had.

Galactus ended up being the perfect choice, I was looking at all sorts of characters that young teens might like and it all seemed too complicated. Where as Kirby’s classic design consists of a lot of simple shapes. It came together easily and it attracted a lot of attention. Continue reading

Detroit: Become Human Connor Cosplay 2

The last of the photos from the Detroit: Become Human photoshoot I did back in August last year. I just realised, the August before that, I legally changed my name to Connor after finishing the game. Detroit continues to be an inspiration to me nearly two years later and I plan on making the RK900 jacket.

Since uploading the first series of photos, I have received a number of requests for a sewing pattern for this jacket. I can assure you that I am in the process of making it and it should be available soon. I have a 35″/90cm chest, so it will be quite small, but I will see if I can make scaled up versions or find someone who can.

I have also received requests for the badges. I am not satisfied with the ones I have produced so far, the ones in these photos are made of resin and they simply aren’t accurate enough. In the game they are slim and flexible and conform to the body. They also have a thin black border. All very complicated things to achieve, so I will keep experimenting.

Photography by Marla Bishop

Star Trek TNG: Lore Redesign

Scans 001scans 002

I’ve been playing with this one for awhile, to go with my Data redesign. Lore lacks an iconic outfit, I think his Borg costume was the closest he got but it fell short of what it could have been. It was felt Batman abs. This should be Lore coming into his own, becoming a cult leader, he’s powerful and charismatic. That is all inspiring for a costume designer. With this design I wanted to show that he dresses to look like his followers but the jacket has an air of authority while also being a bit punk. They are a renegade faction of Borg after all. In my TNG universe Data was incomplete, he looks less human than Lore.