Prometheus-by-Minute 55

In which MUTHUR joins me for the last time (or at least for now), we discuss the cycle of Eternal Return, get forensic with the Engineers, and ponder the cosmic horror elements of the Alien franchise.


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Parallels: The Engineer's demise & Punishment Of The Thieves by Gustave  Doré from Dante Alighieri's, The Divine Comedy. Now the thief engages in obscene and rebellious defiance of God, in the action of his raised fists and in his speech. David drops the pathogen on the Human's God. “Take that, God! It’s aimed at you!” [Inf. 24.3]. He says until he is silenced by the serpents. As a result of the silencing of Vanni Fucci the serpents become “Dante’s friends” and David befriends the Neomorph and the Xenomorph. “From that time on, those serpents were my friends” [Inf. 24.4]. Given that the serpents will be revealed to be sinners, who change their shape and become many and diverse kinds of serpents, the thought of them as “friends” is quite unsettling. But, then again, so is the idea that we are in a place “Here pity only lives when it is truly dead” [Inf.20.28]. Read @muthur9000 analysis of this scene at 🔗 #divinecomedy #dantealighieri #gustavedore #punishment #thieves #inferno #aliencovenant #engineers #yutaniblog #muthur9000 #intertextuality #filmanalysis #symbolism #horror #gore #space #scifi #planet4

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