2 thoughts on “Prometheus-by-Minute 60

  1. I hate that song too, but it’s fun to hear you sing. And I hate that script, but it’s interesting to get the information and fun to hear you read and comment on it.

    I think Vickers came along because she’s a control freak and her primary interest is what Weyland does. She’s pretty conflicted about him — witness the tears and hand-kissing. I think the company is much less interesting to her. Running the company, meh, just another CEO job. The mission offers something more — suspense — and she wants to be in the know about whatever is going to happen. As a bonus, she gets to boss around those upstarts and rivals for Weyland’s favor, Shaw and Holloway, as well as David. And make sure the crew do their jobs.

    I doubt Weyland understands her well enough to realize what motivates her.

    Thanks for mentioning me.


  2. Add “unknown possibilities” as an attraction of the trip. This rich woman doesn’t need a job. She needs meaning, and control.


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