Prometheus-by-Minute 20

In which I discuss types of science fiction, character motivations, and Elizabeth’s faith.


2 thoughts on “Prometheus-by-Minute 20

  1. I love that shot of Fifield and Millburn. You can see in their body language and expressions the beginning of the friendship Fifield so vehemently rejected earlier. The comradeship of scientists uniting in the face of hippies with shoddy evidence. Your discussion of hard vs soft science fiction, and the nature of faith, really nailed one of the major tensions in this film and in Covenant. It’s quite thought-provoking.

    It’s ironic that when the two “hard” scientists finally pair up and are left to deal with the alien environment alone, what ends up doing them in is that Millburn’s scientific approach isn’t hard *enough*. (No puns intended whatsoever. What do you take me for?!)

    David is a hard scientist too, come to think of it, and he doesn’t make this sort of mistake — making friends, lowering his guard, or getting gooey over an animal. **Or does he?** A whole other topic for consideration.

    Anyway, great choice of image for this podcast. Which is excellent, of course!

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