5 thoughts on “Prometheus-by-Minute Episode 02

  1. I wasn’t sure this movie could hold up to such an extensive review, but the first two episodes have me looking forward to the remainder of the series. Personally, I find Prometheus to be a very frustrating experience, since there’s so much good in the basic story and production, but it’s all undermined by a messy final script. Yet I keep finding myself coming back to it in spite of its shortcomings. The soundtrack is also a favorite of mine.

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    • Thanks for listening. I think Prometheus makes a great subject for analysis because it’s a strange blend of strong choices and then completely baffling ones. I can’t help but think about it at length.


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  3. A lot of directors choose by means of lyrics first. This proves that they don’t have much understand of music. Too many times I have heard of a pop song Pumped into the movie because of the lyrics and it’s supposed to fit? If you’re good at music you’re probably not good at filmmaking . if you’re good at filmmaking you’re probably not good in music

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