Detroit Become Human: RA9

The android uprising in Detroit was a stunning and unprecedented event that shocked the world, but not everything is as it appears to be. Return to where the story really began and unravel the mystery of RA9. Follow the friendship between Elijah Kamski and Carl Manfred, see alternate pathways for the main protagonists as Markus questions what he really is, Connor becomes a manipulative machine, and Kara protects a human Alice.

An alternate retelling and expansion of the events of Detroit Become Human with an emphasis on realistic AI.

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The Body Electric

Set nearly a decade after the conclusion of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Body Electric is a fanfiction that explores an alternate reality in which Data adopted Timothy, the boy left orphaned after the tragic accident on the S.S.Vico. Timothy has long since moved beyond the traumas of his past and has just graduated from Starfleet Academy, but his first away mission ends in a devastating encounter with the Borg. However everything is not as it seems and what Data uncovers will change life on the Enterprise forever.

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Between Gods and Beasts

Between Gods and Beasts is a fanfiction that was the result of an extended practice of lucid dreaming. This story is a Divine Comedy-esque exploration of the world of Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels and a morality tale of the dangers of fan devotion.

Written between 2019-2020

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