The Body Electric: Lore and Timothy

Yes, I like to write Star Trek fan fiction,  don’t judge me. The Body Electric is a “what if?” where Timothy from the TNG episode Hero Worship continued on as a cast regular. He is adopted by Data and is manipulated by Lore into becoming a Borg.timlorecolourtimlorelineart


mewelevenInspired by a dream I had in which Eleven from Stranger Things met Mewtwo and he revealed that she has psychic powers because she was spliced with Mewtwo’s DNA. It was silly but I kept toying with the idea. So here we have Mewthree? Meweleven? A kind of MK Ultra Pokémon/human hybrid. Mewtwo is apparently genderless, so I tried to make this character as gender neutral as possible.

Star Trek TNG: Lore Redesign

Scans 001scans 002

I’ve been playing with this one for awhile, to go with my Data redesign. Lore lacks an iconic outfit, I think his Borg costume was the closest he got but it fell short of what it could have been. It was felt Batman abs. This should be Lore coming into his own, becoming a cult leader, he’s powerful and charismatic. That is all inspiring for a costume designer. With this design I wanted to show that he dresses to look like his followers but the jacket has an air of authority while also being a bit punk. They are a renegade faction of Borg after all. In my TNG universe Data was incomplete, he looks less human than Lore.